NEW! Synergy Learning Academy


The Synergy Learning Academy provides on-site Maths CXC “O” Level classes, skills training and certification, and encourages further education…


The Synergy Learning Academy provides the following:-

  • On-site Maths CXC “O” Level Classes twice per week
  • Encourage further education by assisting with identifying online courses and providing bursary support
  • Skills training and certification by collaborating with institutions and agencies, such as Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), Tourism Training Center of Peru CENFOTUR, The Farmer Field School (Ministry of Agriculture and Taiwan Embassy in Saint Lucia), Caribbean School of Holistic Therapies (CSHT)

What we have done

  • CXC MATHS CLASSES – 6 persons currently enrolled
  • ONLINE A+ CERTIFICATE IN CYBER SECURITY – 1 person currently enrolled
  • TECHNICAL CAREERS PROGRAMME SALCC – 23 persons certified in Plumbing, Auto Mechanics and General Maintenance
  • CENFOTUR (Culinary) – 15 persons completed 2 training sessions (suspended due to COVID-19 Pandemic)
  • FARMER FIELD SCHOOL – 6 certified farmers
  • CARIBBEAN SCHOOL OF HOLISTIC THERAPIES (CSHT): Elderly and Critically Care Massage Therapy – 2 persons certified
  • Ongoing personal development sessions weekly: “PATHWAY” by Synergy

Harvest Participants

TradeTech Graduates

UrbanGrow Graduates

CXC Maths Classes