About Us

Learn more about Synergy, the team behind the project
and the work we do in the community.

About Us

We are committed to wholesome human development, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All our programmes are people-centered and community-driven. They respond to challenges within communities and provide home-grown solutions to them.

Participation in on-going personal development is a necessary requirement for accessing our programmes. SYNERGY Pathway, provides one-on-one life skills coaching and practical support, ensuring a fertile environment for effective technical training and skills development.

With this comprehensive approach, we offer our clients the best opportunity for success with employment, while achieving optimum human flourishing.

About The Synergy Project

Time and experience has taught us a number of important lessons. Among the most concerning and persistent are the issues of poverty and the lack of economic opportunities. The impact on the lives, communities, and associated economies is immeasurable, and the human costs have yet to be calculated. This is true no matter where one looks across the globe. 

Many of the unemployed are located in or near Central Castries, and feel its harsh realities on a daily basis, with no food, poor housing, no money to meet medical expenses, or to provide for their children. Many are driven to despair and turn to a life of antisocial behavior, drug abuse, crime and even suicide. 

SYNERGY will address this personal and societal challenge by creating a unique opportunity for each individual to achieve optimum personal development,training, and the best opportunity for meaningful work and long term employment. 

Utilizing a multidisciplinary, intersectional, and strengths-based approach, we offer clients an array of personalized education & training, services, resources, interventions, and referrals. These skills and tools will empower and equip each client with the resources needed to successfully enter and remain in the work force.


1. To provide each client with an avenue for optimum personal growth and development, to achieve human excellence

2. To provide each client the best opportunity to engage in gainful, rewarding, sustainable, and enriching employment